plate shears

Plate Shears

CNC QC11K guillotine plate shears

1、The second generation of hydraulic shears.

2、The rack and knife rest use the overall welding,by vibration to eliminate stress,and maintain good accuracy

3、 The use of advanced integrated hydraulic system make good reliability

4、 The use of three-point rolling guide eliminates the support gap and improves the quality of shear

5、To open the blade, four blade can all be used, that makes service life long

6、Blade gap handwheel adjusts rapidly , accurately and conveniently

7、Adjustable shearing angle has reduced the sheet distortion.

8、Top rest uses the introversion structure to facilitate blanking and improve the accuracy of the production

9、It shears with piecewise functions

10、With motor rear block and figures show

CNC QC12K swing beam plate shears

1、Frame welded,vibration to eliminate stress,high in rigidity,sturdy and durable,Hydraulic drive,swing beam,retum of knife beam is smooth and prompt by accumulator or nitrogen cylinder,stead & reliable performan.

2、The position of low blade can be adjusted to ensure the equilibrium of the gap after regrinding.The protable and prompt adjuster of the blades gap,the value of gap is indicated by dial,positioning reliable.

3、Setting the backgauge by motor.The display devices used to the backgauge' value and the shearing times are on the front of the machine.

4、The stroke of knife or cbeam can be adjusted steplessly,conveniently and fast. Preselection of single or continous strokes.Preselection of cutting number and cutting strokes.

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